Find the Holes in your Buildings’ Energy Defenses!

Your building walls keep out the wind, rain, cold and heat.

Design errors, construction defects or aging of materials will defeat these goals. 

Unless these problems are discovered, they will waste energy, money and raise tenant complaints for the life of the building.

An infrared envelope survey will find these problems fast. Developed over 25 years, our unique survey procedures and test instruments will identify infiltration, exfiltration and insulation deficiencies that would otherwise remain hidden.

Often, of greatest importance are operational imbalances created by the building’s HVAC system. Such problems can lead to uncontrolled infiltration. We will find these problems as well. With out extensive knowledge of testing techniques, building construction details and building heat loss mechanisms, we not only identify problems, but suggest solutions.

Every building should be tested at least once. New is best, but the benefits of an infrared survey can be realized at any time in the building’s life. A building envelope survey qualifies for one LEED point!

Building has single glazed glass panels above ceiling line. Insulation was missing or improperly installed at numerous panels. Many uninsulated masonry wall sections were also found. Uninsulated glass panels & masonry are seen at left.
Cold ceiling temperatures result from air infiltration. Investigation revealed that soffit areas beneath balconies were unsealed to exterior air flows. This results in substantial energy loss and – during cooling season – mold growth potential.

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