What is Infrared Testing of Electrical Equipment?

For over 30 years, Mid Atlantic Infrared has been conducting predictive testing of electrical equipment in commercial, industrial and other types of facilities. This widely accepted test procedure provides low cost, early identification of electrical problems with no interruption to facility operations. Our extensive experience, highly trained personnel, on-line verification tests and immediate repairs when possible combine to ensure you the highest quality survey at the lowest possible total cost.

This might be judged to be a loose feeder connection. Without interrupting equipment operation, our verification test revealed that the problem was caused by a loose connection inside the contractor.

What types of problems may be identified by Infrared Testing?

An infrared survey of operating electrical equipment will reveal loose connections, overloaded circuits, unbalanced loads, sludged transformers, poor contact inside breakers, contactors and switches and much more. A typical infrared survey will test switch gear, panels, motor control centers, transformers and more. Often, testing of a commercial or industrial facility can be completed in a single day.

How do we save money and provide superior service?

The total cost of an infrared survey is the cost of the survey plus the cost of repairs. Our objective is to minimize both of these costs. Our experience and verification tests assure that 1) problems are real and 2) the problem causes are properly identified. These goals are often unmet by competitors who inaccurately assess problem causes and include hot spots that are actually part of normal operation. These types of errors can dramatically increase the total cost of testing. Of critical importance: We fix problems during the survey. Every problem we fix reduces the total cost of the infrared survey.

Years of experience
With over 30 years of experience, we know the equipment we’re testing and instantly recognize the problems.

State of the Art Instruments
If you can’t see it, you can’t find it. Our instruments provide the best images available, permitting fast, accurate surveys.

Problem verification
Different types of problems produce similar infrared images. Many problems cannot be diagnosed by simply viewing the infrared image. We have developed on line verification techniques that pinpoint the problem cause.

Remember, faulty problem diagnosis will cost you money. Repairs will either be unnecessary or simply wrong. The cost of incorrect repairs can easily exceed the cost of a day of infrared testing!

This loose connection was immediately repaired during the inspection process. Repairs are completed whenever possible at no extra cost. This will dramatically reduce the total survey cost.

Custom reporting software
We developed custom software for creating inspection inventories and problem reports. This software speeds the inspection process.

Fast surveys
We often complete inspections in half the time of our competitors. Fast survey speed is a direct result of experience, high quality instruments and efficient reporting software. Our high speed saves you money and frees your staff for other projects.

User friendly reports
Our reports are attractive, simple and easy to understand. These features insure that problems will be corrected properly. Most important, our reports are timely-most reports are submitted the day of the survey via PDF documents, with hard copy sent out within 24 hours of completion.

Not Just Hot Spots: Any code violations or safety concerns are reported as problems. Here we have a dust filled transformer with trash lying on the bottom. Instrumentation provides true RMS readings. We can also investigate current and voltage harmonic distortion where needed. This may appear to be a loose feeder connection but it is actually poor contact between the lug and breaker bus. This can only be correctly diagnosed with our verification tests.

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