Predictive Testing for Your Roof!

Your Roof Is A Substantial Asset

Like other major components of your facilities, your roof, with its replacement cost of $6 to $18 per square foot, must be properly managed at each stage of its life. Proper roof management will ensure maximum roof life, maximum return on your roof investment, and a safe, dry working environment under your roof.

Our sophisticated tests and experienced personnel work together to find the least cost roofing solution.

Your Maintenance Priorities

Proper maintenance requires that roof problems be accurately identified as they develop. Mid Atlantic Infrared’s array of tests will find all roof deficiencies—those that are visible and those that are below the surface. With this information, we will design a roof maintenance program to ensure the lowest roofing costs and longest roof life.

Reroof or Repair?

Often, our surveys of older roofs will determine that minor repairs, combined with on-going, low cost maintenance, will add years of satisfactory roof performance. Where a roof has reached the end of its dependable life, timely reroofing will save substantial costs. Whether reroofing or simple repairs are required, we will design the least cost approach, consistent with your budget and facility use goals.

Getting What You Bargained For

Conducted prior to the purchase of a new or existing facility, our surveys will avoid buying a roof full of hidden problems that will require expensive solutions down the road. Mid Atlantic Infrared’s surveys of new roofs will identify the construction or design defects that might otherwise go undetected for years.

What Our Service Provides

Our roof evaluation is truly comprehensive. We conduct a variety of tests and inspections to determine the condition of every roof component. We communicate this information, along with complete repair specifications and cost estimates in a comprehensive, yet easily understood report.

Our service provides you with the following:

  • The extent to which water has penetrated the roof system
  • The nature and seriousness of all roof deficiencies
  • Recommended maintenance/repair procedures including estimated costs