The Final Package

The results of our roof moisture survey and visual inspection are combined and fully described in our final reports. Like all of Mid Atlantic Infrared’s reports, these are designed for clarity and effective communication of technical information.

All moisture survey results are clearly displayed on a single, computer generated roof drawing. This drawing communicates the location and moisture level of wet areas, nuclear readings, core locations and other necessary information. The report text thoroughly discusses all results of the test.

All roof component deficiencies are identified. The specific nature of each problem is discussed and illustrated with photographs. The implications of each deficiency for future roof performance are also considered.

Most important are our maintenance/repair recommendations.

  • We summarize the overall condition of the roof and major concerns that must be met by our roof solutions.
  • We discuss the available approaches and present our reasons for the selected alternative.
  • Next, we present detailed repair specifications for each deficiency.
    These specifications include new detail drawings to communicate complex repairs.
    Estimated costs are calculated for each repair.

When reroofing or extensive repairs are required, we can provide complete bid packages, bid evaluation services and construction management and/or oversight services.

For every level of service, Mid Atlantic Infrared Services will provide the least cost solution to your roofing problems!