Predictive Testing for Your Roof!

Roofs often fail because of seemingly minor design or construction deficiencies. Mid Atlantic Infrared’s skilled survey team therefore performs a detailed visual examination to locate all deficiencies in your roofing system.

Problems such as improperly sealed drains, faulty seaming on single-ply systems, improper damp-proofing of masonry walls and many others will be clearly identified by our careful visual examination.

Field technician examines neoprene stripping as part of acceptance evaluation of a new roof.

Our inspection is more than skin deep. We undertake a complete examination of the roof membrane for adhesion, strength, composition, moisture content and general condition.

Exterior parapet walls, the underside of roof decks, penthouse interior walls all can provide a wealth of information about roof performance. All of these areas are fully evaluated.

Our moisture survey will identify the areas of wet insulation, but the visual inspection will reveal why the leaks are occurring. The visual inspection will also identify presently developing deficiencies that will turn into future leaks.

The combination of the two surveys provides a complete picture of your roof’s health and permits the development of a comprehensive repair, maintenance or replacement plan.