Ultrasonic Steam Trap Surveys

What is the most cost effective investment you can make to reduce energy use?

An Ultrasonic Steam Trap Survey by Mid Atlantic Infrared Services!

A single blowing trap can cost you $1,000 per month.

The cost of finding and repairing that trap can be repaid in less than 1 month!

Failed steam traps waste dollars! A single blowing trap can waste many thousands of dollars per year.

Within a typical steam system, 15% of the traps may be bad at any time. This can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars of wasted steam each year!

The solution is simple. An ultrasonic trap survey by Mid Atlantic Infrared will find all your failed traps.

Our techniques, representing over 25 years of testing experience, are fast and efficient, so our surveys are economical. Survey costs can often be repaid a few weeks after repairs are made. This is typically the best energy conservation investment available to the facilities manager.

We have pioneered the use of digital ultrasound to optimize survey effectiveness, speed and accuracy. Our unique statistical analytical approach ensures high accuracy.

We have developed innovative tools to estimate steam losses. These losses and all other operational issues are reported in detailed yet easy to use reports. These reports can be easily incorporated into you management systems.

Just how much can you save? The table below presents steam savings for six projects completed in 2005. Savings will vary with energy costs. Energy savings for these projects pay back survey and repairs costs in a few months! Where can you find a better return for your energy conservation investment?

Project Traps Tested Blowing Traps Steam Caps Annual Loss
per 1000 lbs. $ per year
Federal Building 291 6 $34.95 $122,000
Federal Campus & Steam Tunnels 127 14 $18.00 $174.00
GSA Steam Plant 83 6 $34.95 $156,000
Industrial Plant 634 21 $18.00 $286,000
Hospital 1 361 12 $18.00 $120,000
Hospital 2 281 6 $18.00 $57,000
Mid Atlantic Infrared is an independent testing organization. We do not sell or install steam traps. Our goal is to provide our customers the greatest energy efficiency.

Let Mid Atlantic Infrared make sure your steam dollars are well spent!

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