Who can find your underground water leaks? We Can!

Underground water leaks waste money, cause service interruptions and result in property damage.

We find leaks in city water, domestic hot and cold water, closed loop heating and cooling, steam and fire systems. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years!

When leaks occur, we provide fast response.

We use acoustical correlation, ground microphones, ultrasound, infrared and ground penetrating radar.

In short, if the leak can be found, we have the technology to succeed. Why waste thousands of dollars digging when we
can pinpoint the leak location?

If you have complex underground piping systems, a leak survey will reveal unknown leaks that are draining your budget.

Underground Leaks Acoustical Correlation identifies leaks in many types of systems by measuring leak sounds on the pipes. It is the primary leak location tool.
Ground mics and vibration sensors and ground penetrating radar identify leak locations. We use acoustical correlation along with ground microphones and ultrasound and infrared and ground penetrating radar. Radio frequency detectors – ground penetrating radar locate pipes and other underground utilities. Underground Leaks Underground Leaks Underground Leaks

Underground Leaks Infrared imaging can identify hot water and condensate and steam leaks.