Electrical and rotating equipment will fail.  How can you respond?

All-In-One: Infrared, vibration, ultrasound and notebook computer on wheeled cart.

Breakdown maintenance is a technique that is often practiced to find and correct equipment deficiencies. When equipment fails, it is replaced. Unfortunately, expensive equipment is destroyed and valuable production time is often lost by this approach.

Shutdown maintenance has been adopted in many facilities as an alternative to breakdown maintenance. With shutdown maintenance, operations are halted and scheduled maintenance is performed. Unfortunately, extensive servicing of all equipment is required because this technique does not identify which equipment actually requires service.

Predictive Testing is the new approach. Failing equipment provides many early signs of distress. Unfortunately, our senses often cannot detect these signs. Predictive testing uses sophisticated instruments to extend our senses so that we may recognize early signs of equipment failure.

Mid Atlantic Infrared Services uses a variety of instruments to determine when and where a fault is developing. This is accomplished while all equipment is still in operation. Our Predictive Testing Service will pinpoint specific faults long before the failure occurs. Our service will permit orderly, planned repairs, avoid the cost of unnecessary repairs and virtually eliminate the extreme costs of catastrophic equipment failure and unplanned production outages.

Why Predictive Testing will work for you.

Rapid payback of survey costs: Finding one deficiency often pays back the cost of our Testing Service.

Dramatically reduced maintenance costs: Cost savings of 80% may be realized through predictive testing.

Substantially improved fault detection: Predictive testing will identify far more developing faults shut down maintenance.

Complete “on-line” testing: Facility operations and plant production are never interrupted.

What our Predictive Testing Service Provides-Same Day Testing of Everything!

  • Infrared testing of electrical switch gear, motor control centers, transformers, panels, UPS equipment and others, Investigation of code and safety concerns, harmonics and power quality issues.
  • Vibration testing of all rotating equipment including pumps, fans, chillers, compressors, cooling towers and others.
  • Ultrasonic testing of high voltage electrical equipment, rotating equipment, steam traps and others.
  • Our clear, concise, reports and sent to the client within 24 hours of survey completion.